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    When I arrived in Japan almost 2 years ago, I was starting to go through my ecological transition and felt really overwhelmed. Little by little, I took each challenge at a time and was able to reduce my impact. Although I am not perfect at all!

    Thanks to my workshops and individual coaching sessions, I wish to give you the keys to help you live more sustainably and serenely in Japan.

    You can find below the upcoming workshops, feel free to register or contact me if you have any questions. You can also book an individual coaching session if you wish to work on a specific issue.

    I design my workshops and coaching sessions based on 3 keys principles.


    While aiming to be perfect is great, it can actually be very daunting. That is why my goal is to help you to find the solutions that work for your personal context while minimising your impact on the environment.



    Our health and well-being are very closely linked to the one of the environment. I believe that taking care of the planet, actually benefits our own health and well-being.

    health and well-being


    When you are being aware of the challenges our world is currently facing, you may start feeling guilty and overwhelmed. I wish to help you keep your spirits up while staying informed.


    Check below to book a workshop or a coaching session.

  • individual coaching eco-conscious lifestyle in Japan

    45 minutes Individual coaching – Eco-conscious lifestyle in Japan

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